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Player Information
Name: Murgy
Age: 41
Contact: [ profile] murgy,, bmurg13
Characters already in Medietas: Zoe Hart, Barry Allen, Natasha Romanoff, Neville Longbottom, Tony DiNozzo
Reserve Link: reserve

Character Basics
Character name: Grace Williams
Character Journal: [personal profile] callshimdanno
Canon: Hawaii 5-O
Canon Point: 2x15 just before she is found.
Age: 10
Icon: icon

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Grace is a cute kid, but she isn't pretentious about it. She has long brown hair, which she usually wears in braids or pig tails. She wears uniforms for school, but she usually wears skirts or shorts. She is a typical girly girl though, with definite Tom-boy tendencies.
History: History

Grace Williams first off is a well-adjusted child, despite coming from a broken home. Danny and Rachel, for the most part, tried to keep Grace out of the push and pull that was their lives, but sometimes she did feel like a bit of a yo-yo. She tried not to let it show, but sometimes life is just hard, and Grace gets tired of being in the middle. She is patient about it, though, very perceptive that her parents are going through things too.

She is shy, and wary of new people, partly because of her home situation. She does, however, seem taken with her father’s teammates, even going so far as to call Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett “Uncle Steve.” Grace sees that her father might be finally happy with the team, and that makes them okay in her book.

Despite being shy, she has many friends at school. She is an athletic child, participating in Tennis and Cheerleading. She also enjoys all sorts of sports such as football and basketball. She is almost a clone of her father being described as scrappy, stubborn, and loyal. There are worse people than Danny Williams to be like, so Grace takes pride in the fact that she is like her Danno. She doesn’t see it as a detriment at all, in fact, in her opinion, it is a strength. Grace trusts people that she loves like no one’s business, she knows in her heart that even though her father doesn’t live with her full-time, she is his number one priority. She never doubts that and doesn’t think she ever will.

Grace loves pink; it’s the best color ever in her opinion. Her laptop is pink; her room is pink. If she had her way everything would be pink, which shows how much she loves the color. She is an animal lover, and by default a very nurturing person. She has a rabbit named Mr. Hoppy, and a mutt dog named Ace, after the ace of spades from her favorite card game… poker. She is a card shark because her father taught her how to play poker.

Grace is like an average kid, who likes school, but isn’t a fan of homework. It isn’t like she isn’t smart because she is, but she is more practically smart like her dad. She doesn’t like math but loves gym and history. She is a child of the twenty-first century, and enjoys reading, and anything technology based. She is not a latchkey video child. However, her activities are monitored by both of her parents. She is an outdoor girl, who loves the beach and the water.

Her biggest fear is that something will happen to Danno. When she arrives in Medietas, she believes that Danny is hurt because the man who kidnapped her told her so. She is a worrier although she tries not to let it show.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Gracie is human and has no powers, other than being too smart for her good.

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay? Mr. Hoppy and his cage, her Dog from Danno, her pink laptop, and a tennis racket.

Samples - Can be linked
First Person:TDM
Third Person: Gracie looked around her, wide-eyed. She didn't know where she was, there was just a lot of wood around her, and the breeze was blowing her hair. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry is the mantra that she kept repeating in her head. She clutched her Hello Kitty, who she has named Kitty, close to her, mostly because it smelled like Danno, and Danno was safe.

She hoped he was safe.

Grace was just too smart for someone so young; she was 10 thank you very much. She worried about things that no ten-year-old should have to deal with, especially her Dad Danno, he was a trouble magnet. She always trusted that he would find her, so why should now be different?

She bit her lip as she stepped onto the dock, looking around and couldn’t help the panic coursing through her. The bad police officer said that Danno was hurt. She believed him because Danno was a cop and all cops were good. Right?


She had gotten herself into trouble, and the last thing she remembered was pushed into a dark room. Her daddy and Uncle Steve would find her, but how were they supposed to do that if she didn’t know where she was.

Finally, out of the four words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Lake


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